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  • Tailoring of a men's classical sui

Tailoring of a men's classical sui

Tailoring of a men's classical sui
  • Tailoring of a men's classical sui
Image - the specific form of reflection and expression of the esthetic attitude towards reality fixing art activity of the person and bearing rich informative information on the world.

The artistic image is metaphoric by the nature. It opens vital richness of the phenomena, by their collision and comparison.

He has internal logic of development, possesses the self-movement and acts as unity of the general and single feeling and thought. As construction material of an artistic image serves the reality and the identity of his creator. The image is original and unique, in reality is esthetically rich and many-sided.

The haute man's couture forces to equal on itself. The fashionable industry gets stronger and develops, her creators enter new tendencies.

Does rare materials, extravagant ideas, convenience and high quality of a finished product us more exacting in the choice of the clothes.

Refined images, the nobility checked by time in simple and real tones. Sensual, bewitching, intangible, but notable palette. There is an image created for you by designers of the IDEAL brand.
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